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Here is what you'll get instant acess to:

  • $500 Minimum Compensation For Each Successfully Closed Transaction
  • Up To An Additional $500 If You Assist Your Investor With The Marketing! (Optional)
  • Lifetime Basic Lease Purchase Locator Membership
  • Lifetime Lead Submitter Pro Membership
  • Personally Assigned Nationwide New Breed Investor
  • Unlimited Training
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Here is what you'll get instant acess to:

  • $1,000 Minimum Compensation For Each Successfully Closed Transaction
  • Up To An Additional $500 If You Assist Your Investor With The Marketing! (Optional)
  • Lifetime Premier Lease Purchase Locator Membership
  • Lifetime Lead Submitter Pro Membership
  • Personally Assigned Nationwide New Breed Investor
  • Unlimited Training
  • Unlimited Support
  • and much much more…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will I have the option to upgrade to the Premier Member level later on if I decide to become a Basic Member today?

Yes! As of right now, you can upgrade whenever you'd like. We give you that option in the private member's area.  We will subtract 100% of your Basic Member registration fee that you already paid from whatever we're charging for the Premier Membership level at the time that you decide to upgrade.

However, understand that we can only compensate you at $1,000 for leads submitted that we close on after your upgrade. Any leads submitted before your upgrade that we successfully close on, would be counted at the $500 level only. Therefore, the sooner you upgrade the better!

Q. You say that the Training and Support is FREE, yet I have to pay a one time registration fee?

A. As you can see by our video tour of our Members area…we are not kidding when we say we could easily charge $497, or $1,000 or even $2,000 for this level and training and support.

There are literally hundreds of hours that have gone into creating the Members Area, Training Area and Lead Submitter Software

Our Business model is different in that we want to make money WITH you not off of you. (HUGE Difference!)

There is no charge for the continued training and support, and there are no monthly fees ever.

However, we must manually get you set up in the back office through our Lead Submitter Software by assigning you to one of our Investors…the Non-refundable processing fee I think you will agree is very nominal and helps offset our costs in setting up your lifetime account and the other costs we incur with the members area.

Q. Who will I be calling, and what is this 1 simple question I will be asking?

A.  You will be calling Homeowners who are selling or renting their homes (we do not call homes listed with a Realtor) and we ask 1 simple question...

“Would you consider selling your home on a Rent to Own or Lease Purchase Basis?”

If they say Yes, you will gather some more basic information to submit to the investor you have been assigned so they can consider making an offer, if they say no, you end the call…

As you can see, there is no selling here at all and this is really perfect for someone who does not mine talking on the phone and actually enjoys having conversations with folks and asking a few simple questions.

If you can “paint by numbers” you can do this as our Lead Submitter Tool literally guides you thru the entire conversation! 

Q. What determines if I make $500 or $1,000?

A. At the Basic Member Level you can get paid $500 minimum for a 2-3 minute phone call, as long as we close on the deal.

If you help with the marketing you can make up to an additional $500. 
Therefore your  total profit potential at the Basic Member Level is: $500 to $1000.
At the Premier Member Level you can get paid $1,000 minimum for a 2-3 minute phone call, as long as we close on the deal.
If you help with the marketing you can make up to an additional $500.
Therefore your  total profit potential at the Premier Member Level is: $1,000 to $1,500.

Q. Are there any states you are not looking for Lease Purchase Locators in?

A. We are now able to do lease purchase in all 50 States! This includes Texas and North Carolina.

Please note: We do prefer Lease Purchase Locators to work their Local markets when possible. However, our privately trained investors are equipped to do this nationwide.

Q. How soon can I get started?

A. As soon as your registration fee is processed, you digitally sign your paperwork, you go through our exclusive training, and you have been assigned your investor, you will be ready to go!

Q. How soon can I make money?

A. We have had deals close in a week and then some take a month or longer and then of course there are some that do not close at all.

It really depends on the deal and other factors.

Although we cannot guarantee that any of your leads submitted will result in sale to the Tenant Buyer as it would be illegal to do so, closing these deals is how we all make our money so we all have a HUGE incentive to close the deals…which is how it should be!

Q. Do you do rehabs or Foreclosures?

A. No…Rehabs are not our business model and there are too many new regulations that go into effect once someone is behind in their payments to help those in foreclosure or behind on their payments…..there are plenty of other Homeowners we can serve that are not in those situations.

Q. Are you training me to become a Real Estate Investor?

A. No…this is NOT an Apprentice or Mentor program and no real estate experience is needed nor is any Real Estate license required.

This is pretty simple, we are looking for motivated folks who are willing to make a 2-3 minute call and ask a simple question…the investor that you have been assigned too does all of the negotiating, paperwork and takes on the legal risk.

All Investors that Lease Purchase Locators will be assigned to have been personally trained by TC and Vickie Bradley and have impeccable integrity and all have agreed to operate within our Strict Code of Ethics.

Q. You mean to tell me that I am going to be paid $500- 1000 for every 2-3 minute call I make and submit to the Investor I have been assigned to?

A. NO! LOL You are paid out of the investors profits of a closed deal with a Tenant Buyer.

An Investor has plenty of financial incentive to close as many as the leads that you submit but not every lead will turn into a contract and not every contract will result in an end sale to a Tenant Buyer.

Q. How Motivated or Receptive are Home Sellers to sell on a Rent to Own or Lease Purchase?

A. Let’s face it folks, this is a TERRIBLE market to be in if you are a Homeowner and you really need to sell your home.

REO’s and Short Sales have driven prices downward and the credit markets have tightened up so that even if a buyer has good credit it is NOT a guarantee that they will be able to get a mortgage.

Homeowners are looking for viable solutions to their problems and selling on a Rent to Own or Lease Purchase is a very viable solution.

They just want to talk with someone that is real and has a real solution…remember, our company has close to 9 year track record and an “A” Rating with the BBB and can easily be vetted by the Homeowner which I can promise you, will carry great weight with the Homeowner and is also something you as a Lease Purchase Locator will be proud to be a part of as well!

Q. How do I know what the status of the leads that I submit is?

A. Our Lead Submitter software that was specifically designed for us (There are over 70+ Hours of Computer Coding just in that software)… the Lead Submitter Software will give you “Real Time” updates on all of the leads that you have submitted.

Every time the investor makes any contact with that lead or takes any action with that lead, you know about it in your back office and you also have the option to receive email updates in “Real Time!”

This Lead Submitter Software also insures complete and Total Transparency and Accountability!

This completely eliminates the need to have any phone contact with the investor you have been assigned too as you will be updated in “Real Time” with our Proprietary Lead Submitter Software…

This is a good thing as you will always receive “Real Time” updates via the Lead Submitter Software and the Investor can concentrate on talking with Sellers and closing deals with Tenant Buyers NOT answering questions from all of their Locators…which would not be very productive.

Remember, that is why we  have support calls in place for all of our Lease Purchase Locators…if our Investors are updating locators on the phone on the status of their submitted leads they are NOT on the phone talking with Sellers and Tenant Buyers and that is how we all get paid…

So you can see why we invested so heavily in having the Lead Submitter Software developed…you simply cannot beat “Real Time” status updates of the leads you submitted!

Q. Do you have I have to call a certain number of hours each week to be a Lease Purchase Locator?

A. No. You are your own boss and can work 10 minutes a day or 10 minutes a week or 10 minutes a month or 10 hours a day…the choice is yours.

Q. Is this a job?

A. No.

Q. Do you take taxes out?

A. No…you are responsible for paying the taxes on any earnings you make.

Q. How and when do I get paid?

A. When the Investor that you are assigned to closes a deal with a Tenant Buyer from a lead that you submitted, you’ll get paid.

Q. What type of Training and Support is offered to a Lease Purchase Locator?

A. We have a complete Members area with video training and support calls that will be recorded and archived.

We will teach you where to find the HOTTEST leads to call for FREE, Scripts, Voice mail scripts and so much more.

It is important to note that YOU are very important part of our business model and as such you will be Honored and Supported.

It is in our best interest to support you in every way possible...which is why we are creating a Community just for you and provide continued training and support!

Q. How do I know this is not a scam?

A. TC and Vickie Bradley, who are the Founders of have been online since 2003 and have an impeccable reputation both online and off.

Their Company, New Life Vision, LLC has an “A” rating with the BBB…so there is a ROCK Solid soon to be 9 year track record of integrity that not only you can vet and confirm but Home sellers and Tenant Buyers can research as well….not everyone has a (almost) ROCK solid 9 year track record that can be vetted.

Plus, it is kind to hard to scam anyone when you are not charging a penny for training and support especially when we could have charged hundreds if not thousands for the training and support that is provided here…I mean really, we did not just fall off of the turnip truck yesterday…We fully understand the tremendous value and authentic opportunity we are providing here.

Nuff said.

Q Are there any Guarantees?

A. We cannot guarantee that any of your calls will result in closed deals with Tenant Buyers as it would be illegal to do so…and the processing fee is non-refundable so if you are not sure this is for you, please do not register.

Q. Any Final Thoughts?

A. Yes, we want you here if you are supposed to be here not because we “hyped” you with bloated income claims or promises of “Easy Money”

If anything, this has been an exercise in “straight talk”

Listen, any system where you can generate money working from home should really be based on possibilities not probabilities…regardless of how simple any system is there will always be a learning curve and results will always be based on your own efforts, talents and abilities.

Common sense I know but this still needed to be said.

Please note that because you will be given access to our propriety websites, Lead Submitter Software and Marketing strategies you will be required to Digitally sign a Locator agreement and a Non-Disclosure agreement so if you are not willing to do that then please do not register as the processing fee is non-refundable once paid.

You will find those in the Members area after your processing fee is paid.

You will also be required to adhere to a strict code of ethics as you would expect…the standard that is required is Impeccable Accountability to ones Word and Agreements and above all else conduct yourself with a spirit of Professionalism with the Homeowner at all times.

If you feel that you are supposed to be here then please register and pay your processing fee and you will gain immediate access to our Exclusive Lease Purchase Locator Community and Members area…if not then “Thank You” for your consideration and if you happen to think of someone who could benefit by becoming a Lease Purchase Locator and a Member of our Community…Please share this website with them!

Otherwise, let me be the first to welcome you to YOUR community…you are NOT here by accident!

We are honored that YOU are here!

TOGETHER we are going to make a difference!

TC and Vickie Bradley


Legal Disclaimer:

We do not guarantee that anyone will make money as a Lease Purchase Locator as it would be illegal to do so.

There is a very real possibility that calls can be made and no successful closed deals result.

There is a very real possibility that we will go under contract with a Seller from a Lead you submitted but Not find a Tenant Buyer.

You are not paid based on the submission of the leads but on the deals closed with Tenant Buyers.

You as a Lease Purchase Locator acknowledge those risks and are proceeding on that basis.
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